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Recorded @ Trebor Labs Studios Lancaster, KY. The CD is grounded in traditional country with other genres such as the blues and bluegrass influences. Billy passed away Oct 17th 2014. He will be missed, R.I.P.


released September 20, 2009

Billy Cross - Lead vocals/Guitar
Robert Hall - backup vocals/Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/banjo/
Recording Engineer/Producer



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Billy Cross and the High Bridge Band Lancaster, Kentucky

The High Bridge Band was formed in September of 2008 by Vocalist and guitar player Billy Cross and Robert Hall. Billy learned to play guitar at the age of eight and was writing his own songs by the age of thirteen. He has always had a love for traditional country music. Thier music is grounded in traditional country with other genres such as the blues and bluegrass influences. ... more

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Track Name: I Thought I Had One
Every man dreams of a love that's true
I always did and then I met you
I have to admit girl, you took me like a storm
Blowin out of control, but so sweet and warm

I thought I had one (repeat)

Every man thinks that the love he finds
Is gonna be his until the end of time
But I was wrong, and now your gone

butI thought I had one (repeat)

Now I'm alone tonight thinking of you
It was hell to find out you wer'nt true
But life's a learning lesson That sometimes we doubt
But it always shows what lies are all about

Cause I thought I had one (repeat)
Track Name: Conscience
I hope someday you hear these words I'm singing
cause I'll probaly never be your way again
but, I'd like for you to know
that I still love you so
and I believe the way you did me was a sin

You just can't tear a heart to pieces
and leave it on the ground just to die
sometimes I go out of my mind
since you left me here behind
girl, everything you told was a lie

Every night that goes by
that I sit and cry
I pray that God will keep you alright
but, if you have a conscience girl, and I know that you do
it'll haunt you every night
Track Name: No Place to Fall Apart
I wonder if merle found that place to fall apart
Like he was looking for in that song that he sung
I wish that I could find it somehow, someway
cause today, I really came undone.

And sometimes, I'd just like to ask him
How do you roll with the flow
And I'd like for anyone to tell me
Where do the lonely go.

There really is no place to fall apart
You leave your heart where it's lying and try to make a new start
The tears never warn you, when they decide to start
There really is no place to fall apart
Track Name: Thanks to the Bottle
I was the first one to love her
She was so gentle and sweet.
I promised her I'd stay forever
She layed her heart at my feet.

But I cound'nt let go of the bottle
And you know how the bottle gets you down.
Now I'd like to hold her and tell her I love her
But thanks to the bottle she's not around.

A friend said she had our baby
So beautiful, words can't describe.
If only I could have stopped drinking
I could be there by thier side

But now she'll never know me
She'll never know me
She'll just wonder why her daddy let her down.

I'd like to hold her and love her forever
But thanks to the bottle, she's not around
Track Name: Breakin Loose
I'm leaving this old trailer for the weekend
Oh heck, I might just stay out all week long.
I'm gonna hit every bar I can
I'm gonna be a ramblin man.
cause I'm tired of hurtin just because your gone.

I'm breakin loose, Lord I'm breakin loose
I'm tired of being lied to and abused
so I do'nt need you around
to try and bring me down
It's all over girl, I'm breakin loose.

I've been sitting here ever since you left me
feeling sorry for myself, and thats the truth
I'm gonna bend these guitar strings
until all the damn things break.
I'm coming at you world, I'm breakin loose.
Track Name: Yes Girl
Yes girl, there really is forever
Yes girl, from now on the sun will shine
Yes girl, there'll always be some bad weather
But we'll live thru it, as long as you are mine.

Yes girl, I will always love you
Yes girl, I'll tell you every day and night
Yes girl, you'll always be my one and only
and together, we can make this old world right.

Now close your eyes
and lay down here and hold me
and hold me like a lover and a friend
cause we have something special honey
We have something that only God can end.
Track Name: I Dont Want To Love You
I don't want to meet you, out there on the street
I don't want to see you drive by.
I don't want to hear your name, mentioned by a friend
I don't want another reason to cry.

I don't want to need you
I don't want to hold you
I don't want to love you, but honey I still do.

I don't want to think of you, when I lay down at night
I don't want to toss and turn and ache to hold you tight.
I don't want to hear your footsteps in the hall
I don't want to sit and stare at your picture on the wall.

I don't want to need you
I don't want to hold you
I don't want to love you, but honey I still do.
Track Name: Brand New Friend
This bottle has become a friend of mine
We hold on to each other all the time.
Sometimes it helps me get you off my mind
Yes this bottle has become a friend of mine.

For the short time that I held you it was good
But you did'nt stay the way you said you would.
So while you're out there with your brand new man
I'm holding on to my brand new friend.

Someday I hope you realize the harm that you have done
To a heart that only wanted you to be number one.
Maybe I'll get over you, tho it may take some time
Until I do I'll just kepp leaning on this Friend of mine.
Track Name: Maybe I Can Let You Go Again
Will you hold me, one more time, the way you use to
Would you smile at me the way you did back then.
Just look at me, with those eyes so captivating
then maybe, I can let you go again.

Would you cry a little, as you walk away
Like you did'nt do the day you said you could'nt stay
Would you smile at me, hold me tight and then,
if I do'nt fall to peices, may I can let you go again.

Would you hold my hand, just once and lets go walking
Would you talk to me, like I was more than just a friend.
Then maybe, I can let you go again.
Track Name: Love All Your Trouble Away
I'm sorry your world's upside down
I'm sorry your prince don't come arount
I dont have the answer to your questions today
But you won't find them, if you run away.

So while I'm still here
Let me hold you real tight
If you feel any comfort
I'll hold you all night.

And if you want me too, darlin, I'll stay
And I'll love all your trouble, love all your trouble away